State of my wordpress blog

So far this is the longest and most I’ve ever written in a blog. That’s kinda encouraging. I think I feel some greater warmth for it since it’s on my server (well hosted) rather than my Posterous that got shut down, and therefore I can CSS and take the database apart all I want unlike the sad Tumblr I started. Not that taking apart your shiny new toys is ever a good idea…

It probably helps that I have something I am actively doing in real life (knitting) that I can ramble about, and a social network (Ravelry) that I can link up posts to.

So I think it be time I should think about moving my other fluffyfrog pages into my WordPress scaffold, like my Civ 5 controller pages and my serial dilution calculator! I also need to fix some JavaScript rounding errors with that calculator… And I wonder if all the JavaScript will play nice with WordPress? And the iPhone CSS I made and the custom fonts. Hmm. Wonder if I can get the urls to stay the same. Hmm.

UPDATE: Civ controller pages moved, that wasn’t so hard! Also installed a plugin, page-links-to, to put external links in the top pages menu, rather than my hack where I put HTML anchors in the page titles, which was making an extra ugly space.

For serial dilution calculator, think I’ll have to make a custom page template and use another plugin that allows per page or per post custom JavaScript and CSS…


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