Some Bosnian / Siberian slippers and a yellow Trestle

I’ve been wanting to make some house slippers with cute colors and leftover yarn (which I have so so much of), and now that I’ve made a sweater for my mommy and a sweater for my Popo and a sweater for my love and a couple for me… I can make some slippers!

Bosnian Slippers in progress
Bosnian Slippers in progress

I saw these Amazing Siberian Slippers, but they were so expensive for the pattern! And, maybe to me it’s just a translation error but I felt like the comments from the writer were … brusque.

Well, after some obsessing on my part (I know I get grouchy sometimes) I found that obviously if this one person took a pattern from a friend’s mom and wrote it up all nice and neat to sell then some other people would know how to make something similar – like that friend’s mom’s other friends. Well, and so there are! Multiple free patterns that look somewhat similar, and to me better in some ways.

Since making slippers is much faster than making a sweater I didn’t mind meddling around with the pattern to try things a few different ways. I’m mostly following Nelly’s pattern and I think they’re coming along so cute!


I finished these and made more. I wrote my adaptation of Bosnian Siberian slippers and posted it for free in this post!

Slippers done
Finished Bosnian slippers!



In other news I was thinking about making another Trestle in yellow (love yellow!). Actually, I almost got these colors in the first place instead of the gray and red I just made. But then it should be spring here in New England eventually, like hopefully by the time another sweater would be made. I saw that Jimmy Beans just got the new Madelinetosh Dandelion in stock! So obviously I ordered it. What better way to bring in spring than with a linen blend… Right?


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