So sad my new WP install doesn’t work right

What’s worse than getting a new shiny toy and it doesn’t work :(.

Uploaded pictures (WP 3.8.1) turn up in my media library, but don’t show up when I try to add them to posts. So sad. Searching the internets shows that many other people have this problem or something like it.

I dunno so sad guess I’ll have to try messing around in the database.  But I really thought it would just work.  More on this later….

Yay!  Works now!

<This is stuff I don’t really think made it work>

Not really sure what was the real problem, went to Settings –> Media and tried to see if the upload path was the problem.  The field for setting upload path was not visible, so went into ‘wp-admin’ folder (via FTP) and checked out ‘options_media.php’; commented out an if-statement that appeared to make the upload path field visible only if not set to default (maybe).  This made the upload path field appear back in my Admin settings!  It was empty, so I tried to enter the default path ‘wp-content/uploads’ and submit, but nothing changed.

So I went into the db and found the field ‘upload_path’ in the table ‘wp_options’ was empty.  Doesn’t appear that changing the field value in Admin settings updates the table for who-knows-why-reason.  SQLed the default upload path ‘wp-content/uploads’ directly into the database.  Ha!  Now back in the Admin settings I see the correct upload path.

But was this really the problem?  I also changed the uploads folder permissions to 0777 as folks suggested.  The media files were landing in the right folder on the server without problems before, and turning up in the main media library no probs…

Well, no dice :(.  After all that hackery I still couldn’t see the pictures in the post media, or upload new pictures via post without error.

After cruising around through the other php files trying to figure out what was wrong, I was about to throw in the towel.

</This is stuff I don’t really think made it work>

Just one more try– I see that there are nightly betas running around out there.  I install the WordPress Beta Tester plugin.  Since this is a brand new install, I don’t bother to back anything up.  Activate and go to update my WP install.  I’m thinking I’ll get the advertised bleeding edge 3.9-something-nightly, but what do I know?  The installer finishes and tells me congrats I’m now running 3.8.1 beta.  Huh?  I had downloaded 3.8.1 stable from the big shiny “DOWNLOAD” button on’s landing page  just two days ago…

Well, whatever it works now.  I think I’m happy…

(a little later) I made my theme pink / salmon actually! All better!


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