Dandelion Trestle in-progress yay!


Starting with sleeves, modifying to make them in-the-round and recalculated!


Sleeve triangles stuck together for in-the-round sleeves.

One night each – sleeve triangle sets ready to join. Mini sleeve swatch finished blocking maybe the 21cm wrist isn’t too wide, maybe a 19cm wrist will be too narrow hmm.

Sleeve triangle sets were worked like this (triangle increases are only at the joined edge of triangles – this is the underarm seam – the other edge is worked straight):

  • CO 3
  • (row 1) Left triangle in first st, purl underarm seam st, right triangle in third st
  • (row 2) Knit
  • (row 3) (left triangle) Knit to last st of left triangle, m1r, k1; purl underarm seam st; (right triangle) k1, m1l, knit to end
  • (row 4) Knit
  • Repeat last 2 rows until 29 sts per triangle
  • (increase row, rs) Knit to 3 sts before underarm seam st, m1l, k2, m1r, k1; p1; k1, m1l, k2, m1r, knit to end (= 31sts)
  • Knit
  • Repeat rows 3 & 4 once more = 32 sts per triangle + 1 underarm seam st, 65 sts total Continue reading “Dandelion Trestle in-progress yay!”

Sleeves for my new Trestle

Been planning about sleeves for my new dandelion trestle. The sleeves on my first trestle were way too wide for my taste, a problem that seems to crop up in other people’s project comments, too. I do like dolman sleeves, but narrow at the forearms and not billowy throughout; that’s something else another kind of sleeves I don’t like or know a name for. Since I already have a dolman-like sleeved version, I think I’ll try to make his next sweater with more normal / narrow sleeves; especially since it’s getting warmer out so excessive sleeves are unnecessary for warmth.

So I was thinking about the increase pattern of the lower sleeve triangles at a ratio of 1:3. We know that 1:1 increases, that is one increase on each end of right side rows, gives us 45-45-90 triangles. So anything increasing less frequently on one side would give us something less than 90 degrees.

I drew out the two starting triangles as they are written in the pattern approximating the angles based on the ratios of the sides and assuming right triangles for simplicity. It’s immediately obvious what’s wrong with the sleeves. The approx. 70 degree angle on the lower corner of the starting sleeve triangles tilts the forearms so they get way too wide too fast. The starting angle needs to be way way smaller.

Original sleeve schematics
Original sleeve schematics

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I should update my Civ 5 Xpadder profile

Since KC started using his new laptop to play Civ, I finally had to setup Xpadder for him because he was complaining his wrists were hurting lol.

I logged onto Xpadder forums and saw that 432 people had viewed / potentially downloaded my game profile and that made me feel so warm and fuzzy, plus a couple folks even felt moved to comment! Ok ok that’s not a huge number for the two years or so it’s been kicking, but hey, how many people 1) use Xpadder instead of some competitor or free solution, and 2) think that playing a strategy game like Civ (vs an fps for example) with a controller is a good idea anyways. So yay, snaps for me.

This got me looking at the pages I made describing my game profile, and wow do you ever look back at some project you did awhile ago and think how lacking it is and what was I thinking?

So I made a little intro paragraph.. I mean if someone landed on that page not knowing what Xpadder is, then the page would make no sense at all. And shouldn’t a landing page say a little something about why it exists at all? I also made a getting started section that spelled out how to do the most basic commands with the controller — why would a first time controller with Civ 5 user want to sift through every detailed keymapping just to figure out how to trash their neighboring civs? Duh. What was I thinking before?

Was also thinking, I should really update the game profile since two expansion packs have since been released — Gods & Kings and Brave New World. Looks like there’s at least a couple new info screens that could be brought up by controller / keyboard shortcut. Hm, so many projects to do.

Some Bosnian / Siberian slippers and a yellow Trestle

I’ve been wanting to make some house slippers with cute colors and leftover yarn (which I have so so much of), and now that I’ve made a sweater for my mommy and a sweater for my Popo and a sweater for my love and a couple for me… I can make some slippers!

Bosnian Slippers in progress
Bosnian Slippers in progress

I saw these Amazing Siberian Slippers, but they were so expensive for the pattern! And, maybe to me it’s just a translation error but I felt like the comments from the writer were … brusque.

Well, after some obsessing on my part (I know I get grouchy sometimes) I found that obviously if this one person took a pattern from a friend’s mom and wrote it up all nice and neat to sell then some other people would know how to make something similar – like that friend’s mom’s other friends. Well, and so there are! Multiple free patterns that look somewhat similar, and to me better in some ways.

Since making slippers is much faster than making a sweater I didn’t mind meddling around with the pattern to try things a few different ways. I’m mostly following Nelly’s pattern and I think they’re coming along so cute!


I finished these and made more. I wrote my adaptation of Bosnian Siberian slippers and posted it for free in this post!

Slippers done
Finished Bosnian slippers!



In other news I was thinking about making another Trestle in yellow (love yellow!). Actually, I almost got these colors in the first place instead of the gray and red I just made. But then it should be spring here in New England eventually, like hopefully by the time another sweater would be made. I saw that Jimmy Beans just got the new Madelinetosh Dandelion in stock! So obviously I ordered it. What better way to bring in spring than with a linen blend… Right?

My Romani Trestle

Ta da! I made clothes!!!

I love it!! I love all the colors I love the gray and I’m ready to make another one right now.

Finished trestle backI think the sleeves are a little wide, maybe if I had done the gussets they’d be more dolman-like at the shoulders/underarm and the sleeve width wouldn’t feel so wide. Too bad I needed to separate the body way back when in order to have a place to sew the gussets in.

The waist shaping turned out beautiful! I love it, it’s just a little gentle curve. I do think I did more decreases then increases here maybe that’s why I ended up with wrong st counts when starting the yoke.

All the intermediate parts were so strange, when I got to the end of the body it felt so squished and short and the sleeves started out like weird pointy lumps. But once it has the yoke on, it all makes sense and it fits just right!

I did find a few missed stitches way back in the body after I seamed the sleeves and weaver all those ends :(. I could only see them from the wrong side, and I never looked at the wrong side as I was knitting. Oh well.

Maybe I’ll make another one in yellow…

So sad my new WP install doesn’t work right

What’s worse than getting a new shiny toy and it doesn’t work :(.

Uploaded pictures (WP 3.8.1) turn up in my media library, but don’t show up when I try to add them to posts. So sad. Searching the internets shows that many other people have this problem or something like it.

I dunno so sad guess I’ll have to try messing around in the database.  But I really thought it would just work.  More on this later….

Yay!  Works now!

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I’m making a Trestle sweater!

My Trestle project on Ravelry
So excited to make this for me!!
Gauge in garter st blocked is 24 sts x 44 rows = 4in, 24×48 before block
Astrid gray is a light-medium gray with yellow undertones
Noro Taiyo Sock S59 is a new color way with red, orange, magenta, and purple

Noro Taiyo Sock S59
Noro Taiyo Sock S59 see how it kinks, pull from outside

Used purple tml yarn to test out making 2 corner triangles at once so I can have the whole body in the round… I think it’s working!
Did this:

  • Co 3 (1 front, 1 side seam, 1 back; or vice versa)
  • 1st row in 1st st, purl 1 (side seam), 1st row in 3rd st again
  • Same, keeping reverse stockinette side seam st
  • added waist shaping: on rs at 8cm (approx 15th garter ridge) dec 1 (k2tog/ssk) per triangle 4sts in from side seam (incl m1 in count), rep 2 more times every 10 rows (11cm, 14cm)

Make 2.

Two triangles
Testing out two triangles stuck together

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