My Romani Trestle

Ta da! I made clothes!!!

I love it!! I love all the colors I love the gray and I’m ready to make another one right now.

Finished trestle backI think the sleeves are a little wide, maybe if I had done the gussets they’d be more dolman-like at the shoulders/underarm and the sleeve width wouldn’t feel so wide. Too bad I needed to separate the body way back when in order to have a place to sew the gussets in.

The waist shaping turned out beautiful! I love it, it’s just a little gentle curve. I do think I did more decreases then increases here maybe that’s why I ended up with wrong st counts when starting the yoke.

All the intermediate parts were so strange, when I got to the end of the body it felt so squished and short and the sleeves started out like weird pointy lumps. But once it has the yoke on, it all makes sense and it fits just right!

I did find a few missed stitches way back in the body after I seamed the sleeves and weaver all those ends :(. I could only see them from the wrong side, and I never looked at the wrong side as I was knitting. Oh well.

Maybe I’ll make another one in yellow…


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