My iPhone 6 takes all the doggy pictures

So I did originally feel at best ambivalent about my new iPhone 6. It was really hard to adjust to the bigger size. I still miss my iPhone 5 size.

Some new things have gotten better, and aren’t really unique to the iPhone 6. And some new things are iPhone 6 only and I don’t think I could go back now.

Before anything further, I have to say the new iOS 8 and maybe the iPhone 6 has bugs. Way more than I was used to and they are annoying. Mostly screen rotation gets stuck sideways and Bluetooth doesn’t work right or at all. I tried calibrating the compass to fix the screen rotation issues, not sure it helped but maybe.

Here is wot I LOVE:
– it is fast!
– camera takes great pictures, focuses fast
– 128 gb holds all the doggy pictures!
– TouchID is amazing
– TouchID with 1Password is amazing

I also kind of like seeing more on the bigger screen. But I hate holding the bigger screen so I won’t admit that one.

Now that my favorite apps are getting updated and maybe less buggy things are getting happier!

Here are the apps I’ve been using:
– iCab Mobile
– Fleksy keyboard
– 1Password
– ProCamera

And others that aren’t so terribly exciting to me today.

All in all, getting happier with my new phone. Let’s be honest, because it’s all about the doggy pictures :D.






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