My Bosnian-Siberian Slipper Pattern!!!

I wrote my slipper mods into a pattern, download on Ravelry or free below!!!!! I have been working on my slippers and I think the mods have come together so nicely. I’m so excited!!

I am offering this pattern for free and outside of Ravelry (which is also free), but I ask in lieu of “payment” to please post projects on Ravelry with descriptions of your yarn, needles, sizing, etc so that other people can also benefit.  Thanks!

UPDATE: how did I totally miss that the white bands on the cuffs are totally different!? What was I thinking!!!

For background, I made some mods to Nelly’s Bosnian Slippers and integrated observations from Amazing Siberian Slippers. I don’t own the Siberian pattern, but I do like the seamless idea – I just don’t like the look of the Siberian slipper’s seamless sole, I think it makes the slipper toe not as pointy and more blobby and shapeless throughout.  I made my slippers seamless by knitting in the round rather than changing the sole.

I’m just so happy with the second pair I made for my mommy for Mother’s Day!

I put the pattern in the project notes for my last pair on Ravelry.  I didn’t really want to make a whole new pattern on Ravelry because I didn’t really make anything up myself, I just modified another pattern. But it was sufficiently different I thought other people might want to make them. I hope they do!!

What a great way to use up old leftover yarns – makes it even more exciting :D!

Here’s the pattern copied from my Ravelry page:

Slippers are made in the round to minimize bulky seams, contrast pattern is checkered so fans are framed by the main color, and fan stitch is different to minimize hole under the fan.

Snozzl21’s Modified Bosnian-Siberian Slipper Pattern


Slippers are worn with negative ease, but are stretchy so are pretty forgiving on size.

The cuff can be 1-2cm tall per your preference. The slipper upper should continue until it reaches about the first joint of your middle toes; this seems small as you’re knitting but the sole wraps around the toes to provide a nice snug fit and pointy toe look.

Size of the slippers can be adjusted by casting on more or less stitches and continuing for more or less fan pattern repeats. Any weight yarn can be used.

Here are some sizing guidelines:

  • Fingering yarn, size US W6-7 / EU 36-37: CO 62 & 11 fans
  • Worsted/heavy worsted yarn, size US W8-9: CO 46 & 7 fans
  • Worsted/heavy worsted yarn, size US W6-7 / EU 36-37: CO 42 & 6 fans


  • 100-200 yds color 1, 50-100 yds color 2, any weight (maybe more for larger sizes)
  • Circular needle one size smaller than recommended for yarn weight
  • Can use needle one size even smaller for ribbing & garter on cuff & sole (esp. for worsted weight or heavier yarns)
  • Larger needle for CO
  • 1 dpn for 3 needle BO


** Note: numbers given are for fingering weight yarn in US women’s size 6-7, size US 2.5 needle & cast on with US 5 needle.

  • CO 62 sts with larger needle (adjust for yarn & size, half must be an odd number)
  • 10 rounds 1×1 rib in color 1 and smaller needle (adjust for yarn & preference)
  • 4 rounds garter color 2 (purl wrong side rounds)
  • 2 rounds garter color 1


Repeat fan pattern (see below) for desired number of fans given size & yarn.

Fan pattern:

  • (Round 1) With color 2, sl1 yib, *k1, sl1 yib*, repeat until half sts worked, fan stitch (see below), sl1 yib, *k1, sl1 yib*, repeat to end
  • (Round 2) Continue with color 2, sl1 yib, *p1, sl1 yib* rep until fan, p5, p2tog last 2 sts of fan so only 6 sts are added for each fan, sl1 yib, *p1, sl1 yib*, rep to end
  • (Round 3) Change to color 1, ktbl all sts
  • (Round 4) Ptbl all sts
  • For every other fan pattern repeat start and end by sl2 yib instead of sl1

Fan Stitch:

Pick up loop as if to m1l then k1 but keep picked up loop on left needle
*yo, k1* rep 3 times into picked up loop, on last k1 slide loop off left needle (= 7sts increased)


For wider or narrower feet, and heavier or lighter yarn — adjust total number of sole rounds. 20 rounds for fingering yarn US W6-7, or worsted yarn US W8-9.

  • After last round of last pattern repeat, 4 rounds garter in color 2
  • 4 rounds garter color 1
  • 4 rounds garter color 2
  • 2 rounds garter color 1

Decreases for heel — start on last 6 rounds, place decreases two sts away from round marker: k2tog/p2tog 2sts after beg and ssk/ssp 2sts before end (= 12 sts decreased total)

  • For heavier yarn decrease 2 sts every other round (= 6 sts decreased total)
  • For fingering yarn decrease 2 sts every round (= 12 sts decreased total)

3 needle bind off from the inside, or graft for seamless slippers. Make 2.

Creative Commons License
Bosnian-Siberian Slipper Pattern by snozzl21 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


7 Replies to “My Bosnian-Siberian Slipper Pattern!!!”

  1. Please remove the reference to my pattern “Amazing Siberian Slippers” from the title of your pattern. There are no similarity in construction or technique aside from the fan increase and the fact that both patterns are for slippers.
    Thank you.

    1. Unless you own some kind of trademark on the word “Siberian” as relates to slippers, she is free to use it as a title if she wishes.

  2. The pattern is copyrighted. It applies to all of the pattern, instruction, pictures and title.
    This is a blatant copyright violation since my pattern is specifically referred to.

  3. Thank you for the comments.
    Henya, this is not a copyright violation, copyrights do not apply to titles. Trademarks apply to titles.
    Please consider this before making false accusations.

    1. I prefer using the magic loop technique, so the length of around 24″ works well. Note that the exact length with magic loop doesn’t matter too much. All best!

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