I’m making a Trestle sweater!

My Trestle project on Ravelry
So excited to make this for me!!
Gauge in garter st blocked is 24 sts x 44 rows = 4in, 24×48 before block
Astrid gray is a light-medium gray with yellow undertones
Noro Taiyo Sock S59 is a new color way with red, orange, magenta, and purple

Noro Taiyo Sock S59
Noro Taiyo Sock S59 see how it kinks, pull from outside

Used purple tml yarn to test out making 2 corner triangles at once so I can have the whole body in the round… I think it’s working!
Did this:

  • Co 3 (1 front, 1 side seam, 1 back; or vice versa)
  • 1st row in 1st st, purl 1 (side seam), 1st row in 3rd st again
  • Same, keeping reverse stockinette side seam st
  • added waist shaping: on rs at 8cm (approx 15th garter ridge) dec 1 (k2tog/ssk) per triangle 4sts in from side seam (incl m1 in count), rep 2 more times every 10 rows (11cm, 14cm)

Make 2.

Two triangles
Testing out two triangles stuck together


Attaching 2 sets of triangles, joining row slightly different to get it all in the round:

  • cut yarn on second triangle set, sl half sts (=1 left triangle) to second needle including side seam st
  • knit joining row as directed, this is the right triangle
  • continue to other right triangle and repeat joining row
  • all ws rounds will now be purl, rather than knit as in pattern
Joining triangles
Joining triangles

maybe making two pieces together was not a good idea for 45-45-90 triangle reasons… Well we shall see at the end…


Waist shaping continues — after 19cm on rs, m1l 4sts in on right triangles, and m1r 4sts in on left triangles. Repeat once more on 14th row (23cm)… Not really sure if waist shaping will be necessary or good, again will see at end I guess…

used waist shaping measurements from my Antler; get number of rows by dividing vertical meas by square-root(2) to project onto normal of hypotenuse, then used row gauge to calculate # rows needed


Body in the round
Body in the round

3/8/14 Hem bind off with US7 needle

Body done with hem

Hem has colors yay!

3/11/14 Made all 4 sleeve triangles and knitting both sleeves at once

Sleeves in progress
Two sleeves in progress at once

3/13/14 Got a little too excited with my Over app

Sleeves took forever… Made them 2.5cm longer.

Picking up for bottom triangle, knit first two cc stripes on one sleeve, broke yarn and knit first two stripes on second sleeve with same color. Broke yarn and edited out rest of first color then knit remaining stripes. So many ends to weave now.

Sleeve filler triangle with colors

Picked up 55 sts for wider cuffs (=23cm which is 1cm less than filler triangle width)

Yoke in the round, started round at join between left sleeve and back. K2tog side seam st and last sleeve st, k across back, ssk side seam st and first right sleeve st.
CDD at center of front & back and center of sleeves (=8sts dec every other rnd).
Doing traveling jogless stripes.

Every round takes forever and a day. So. Many. Stitches.

Yoke on my Trestle
Yoke with colors!

Updated yoke
More colors on the yoke!

After all the stripes I have 212 sts; according to pattern should be 109 front & back, less 2 sts per side for in-the-round mod so should be now 107*2 = 214 sts. Lost 2 sts probably at the beginning of the yoke since each dec round of yoke dec 4 which is not a multiple of 2… Oh well the sections between each CDD has the same # sts (52 sts) so I’m sure it will be fine.

After 8 repeats in cc after stripes, “separated” front and back. Left front sts on holder, center sleeve sts went with back. At this point, the neck opening seems really small but it won’t be in the end.
Back: Broke yarn at back round marker and moved start to center of left sleeve/beg of rs row for back. CO 1, ssk etc as in pattern, CO 1 at end of first rs row. Cont following pattern.

Yoke front done waiting for collar!

Yoke back
Yoke back done waiting for collar!


Realized while knitting collar in the round that I could put the round start in the sleeve CDD which looks a whole lot nicer… Just had to slip the last purl st of the round, which is also 1 st before sleeve CDD, back to left needle after working, then CDD. Well next time. 

Later: wore it to work for the first time!! Found a hole in my sleeve sewing. Wow I’m really terrible at sewing. If I make this again I would totally try to make the sleeves in-the-round too, and less wide.


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