Free Panda Cloud antivirus without ads, this is it!

Gah the ads and nag screens were driving me nuts from the free antivirus.  I was using Panda Cloud AV for years, and only in the past months there was some update and it got out of hand.

I tried switching to Avira, and a pile of other things.  I even contacted support!  I ended up back with Panda hating life, because the crap I know seemed better than the crap I didn’t know.

Well, today I have finally fixed the ads and it was so simple I don’t know how I missed this before.  Really.  It all came down to a setting with an obfuscated label.

Thanks to this PC Mag article and comment thread — really I was looking for an alternative antivirus without ads, and I just kept getting pointed back to Panda Cloud.  So I read the comments.  So happy and feeling so dumb but still so happy :).

What to do: Settings –> turn off Panda News.

panda av


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