Dandelion Trestle Progress 2


Incremental progress. Mostly studying and not knitting. Can’t wait for quals to be over and to finish this sweater so I can try out some of my new yarns.


So two things occurred to me:(1) With my narrower sleeves I began the yoke with fewer stitches contributed from the sleeves, so the chest/shoulder area would be too tight if I just continued doing 4 central double decreases every knit round like in the pattern. I needed more stitches to accommodate shoulders and (my little) chest.(2) I didn’t like how the sleeves are designed to stick straight out from the body of the sweater in the original pattern, I like a more set-in look to reduce the extra fabric under the arms for those times when I my arms relaxed at my side. Don’t know about you, but I don’t tend to walk around with my arms sticking straight out like a scarecrow. I needed a way to make a curve at the top of the shoulders.So the original sleeve increases produced batwing curved sleeves — ick I did not like this! For my modified sleeves I moved the increases to the bottom of the sleeves to prevent the batwing effect.

But why not apply the batwing method to the shoulders on top of my recalculated sleeves!? Curvy plus more stitches is exactly what I need right now!

So the original sleeve increases were made by skipping the CDD at the top of the sleeve chevron every so many rows.

For my modified shoulder shaping, at the set of 5 garter ridge contrast color, I did the following pattern of CDD’s at the sleeve chevron only:
  • CC rnd 5 / ridge 3: no sleeve CDDs
  • CC rnd 7 / ridge 4: yes sleeve CDDs
  • CC rnd 9 / ridge 5: no
  • MC ridge 1: no
  • MC ridge 2: yes
  • CC ridge 1: no
  • CC ridge 2: no, this section should line up with the edge of the shoulders
  • CC ridge 3: no
  • CC ridge 4: yes
  • CC ridge 5: no
  • CC ridge 6: no
  • CC ridge 7: yes
  • CC ridges 8: no
Continue with sleeve CDDs on every RS round.


Finished yoke. When separating back and front, cut yarn and move to beginning of back right side row. CO 1 then ssk sleeve CDD st with next st, knit to center CDD, knit to 1 before sleeve CDD, k2tog with sleeve CDD, CO 1. Continue back yoke.


Finished collar in the round. Attached yarn to right side of front sts, no side CDDs only front center CDD, pick up back sts, purl second round.
Dec rnd: knit to front center, CDD, knit to sleeve center and CDD, knit across back, knit to 2 before rnd end, CDD with first st of next rnd.
Beg ws rnd.
Continue for 3 garter ridges, 1 more RS rnd, then BO purlwise, 8 needle = 4 ridges total.


Made gussets narrower than pattern. Start and end as in pattern, but increases/decreases only every other garter ridge. Continue until 13 sts. Knit straight 2 garter ridges, then begin decreases (every other ridge). Finish as in pattern, make 2.


Sewed gussets. I hate sewing. Had to redo a couple times because they were crooked. Meh.


Weaved ends so many there were. Fit is great, should be better after blocking but I think I’ll wear it tomorrow first.


Why does blocking take forever and a day? Well, for starters I only blocked it yesterday… Weekends get in the way… It’s supposed to be cold tomorrow hurry up and dry!


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