Dandelion Trestle Progress 2

Continued from Dandelion Trestle in-progress yay post


Sewed C’s first ever baby sweater. She was determined to make the Baby Yoda despite the seaming. Then spent a month trying to sew and later abandoning the pieces. I’m terrible at sewing myself, but I managed for the most adorable baby I know.

C's Baby Yoda
C’s first baby sweater ever knitted: Baby Yoda I just sewed it together


Yesterday was a knitting break. There were eggs to be dyed, and my wrist has been hurting; feels better now.

Very many stitches. Every round takes forever and a day. On the upside we’re decreasing 8 sts every other round… The first Noro ridge was really bright orange, right now it kinda looks like halloween gone wrong. Hope it works together in the end. Because each round takes forever like I said. And the sleeves took forever to do and redo (my own deficiencies caused this), so when this is done it is done and I’m not going back.

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Last two evenings have had Costco trips. Managed only a handful of rounds since they’re so long.


Got back yesterday from trip. Thought I would work on my Trestle on the plane but it was difficult because the project has gotten kind of large and unwieldy.

Plus, I want to give my mom a pair of house slippers of the Bosnian-Siberian flavor for Mother’s Day, which is coming up. So I made the slippers on the plane. Mostly done with those.

My wrist has really started hurting! I think knitting tight stitches with a small gauge is the culprit. So I can only do so much at a time. Will have to get back to my Trestle after the slippers are done, but probably at a slower pace :(.


Been studying for quals ick. Today I finally went back to knitting my wrist had been getting better earlier in the week but then I helped to move a large piece of furniture to the third floor and it was hurting again :(. Been really wanting to make progress on my Trestle.

Last weekend I wrapped up the pastel Bosnian-Siberian slippers for my sister to take to my mom on Mother’s Day! But looking at the photos a couple days ago I realized a mistake from looking at the pictures :(. One slipper has 2 garter ridges of contrast color at the cuff and the other slipper has only 1 :(. Everything so sad.


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