Dandelion Trestle in-progress yay!


Cuff colors
Cuff colors
I don’t really like the colors on the filler triangles. No offense to those particular colors, but there are other brighter colors with more contrast in the skein. And the first color on the cuff is practically the same as the winter wheat just by chance. Oh well, not going back anymore. I guess that’s the fun of Noro, it’s a surprise how the colors come off the skein. I’m sure at the end it’ll be beautiful :).
I did also realize, however, that I did the cuff to the exact same number of ridges as my previous Trestle, and that measures to only 4cm. I like this length on the cuff, rather than the 5cm as written in the pattern. So I went back and added another cm to the length of the sleeves on the other end, which was 3 more rows rounded to 4 rows to end on WS. Left long tails for sewing gussets later. Now I’ll have to go back and update my sleeve length calculations… Again.
So happy to see the end of those sleeves! They only really took a couple days each, plus 1 for the filler triangles, but I kept thinking I was smarter than the math. Sigh.
Body triangles in progress
Body triangles in progress
Body: almost same as before. Started decreases for waist shaping with 29 sts (14 garter ridges, 8cm plus a little by math), next row ssk 5 sts before seam st, k2, m1r, k1; p1; k1, m1l, k2, k2tog, continue to end. Decreases are opposite from before, liked them better this way not sure why I did it the other way before.


Thought I should use the math to double check the body waist shaping since I really just measured with a tape the first time. I found that my measurement method on the first Trestle wasn’t really accurate to the math, just like I found using the measuring tape on my sleeves. However, accuracy didn’t make so much of a difference on the soft shaping of the body, whereas for something smaller like sleeves the math is critical.
The biggest error was that the waist shaping increases started too high up / late. Since I already made a whole triangle set, I ripped back a few rows on the first triangle set and started increases at the 33rd garter row (after 62 sts on needle). Should be fine enough.
If I make this again — absolutely use blocked gauge and divide by square root 2 to calculate shaping.
Progress: one body triangle set done and ripped back to start increases, second body triangle set half way done.


Went back and measured my finished Trestle to double check body measurements… Can’t let this go! Found that total body length is spot on, 42cm from underarm. Hem is 6cm only, not 7cm as written in pattern. Waist shaping decreases started on the 17th garter ridge which was a little high but ok with the shorter hem. Increases were definitely too high. Since I have a small chest this isn’t a problem fitting me.
I like the hem and body length on my first Trestle so I think I’ll stick with the shorter hem. That makes waist decreases at 9cm, 12cm, 15cm and increases at 20cm, 24cm.
This makes my waist shaping as I just did perfect! Decreases at 15th ridge, 20th, and 25th (after 29, 38, 47 sts), and increases at 33rd and 40th (after 62 sts, after joining in round).
Total body length math says 112 rows plus 1 for picked up seam, I count 120 rows. Remeasured gauge, guess my gauge is closer to 45 rows per 10cm in the round. Good thing I added a couple rows to the sleeve length just in case.
Progress: first body triangle that was ripped back finished again, second body triangle almost done all decreases finished now at increase row. Caught up to all episodes of The Following season 2 and still need to watch the second episode of Game of Thrones.

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