Dandelion Trestle in-progress yay!


Sleeve 1 done, sleeve 2 in progress
Sleeve 1 done finally, sleeve 2 in progress

First sleeve done! Again! Really like the width (finally), feels short but should block to the correct length. Measures correctly. Can always add more length once both sleeves are done and filler triangles and cuffs have been added, before starting yoke. Can’t wait for the colors!


Sleeve 2 in progress
Sleeve 2 in progress, looking like a cannoli
Just knitting along can’t wait for some Noro colors. These sleeves are a lot faster than the original sleeves were guess that makes sense because the originals had all that extra fabric. I’m thinking though that it’s a good thing I didn’t do both sleeves simultaneously like I normally do since I had to frog my stupidity on the first sleeve multiple times. But hm knitting sleeves one at a time is so tedious.
Think sleeve 2 will be finished tonight or tomorrow. And when I say “finished” I mean not quite finished – still needing the filler triangles and cuffs.


Main part of second sleeve finished.


Sleeves with filler triangles
Sleeves cuff width with filler triangles and one cuff finished. Width looking good. Waiting for Noro color repeat to do second cuff.
Both sleeves finished
Finished sleeves with filler triangles and cuff don’t look so short. Finally done!
Picked up 34 sts per triangle for filler triangle, starting at seam st edge of left triangle with right side facing. This is one st picked up per garter ridge plus 1 (same formula as in original pattern), plus one more for seam st. Pick up all the way around, then purl first round (wrong side) = first CC stripe in the round. Knit next round as directed in pattern and purl next WS around = first MC ridge in the round. Continue another right side row as directed but around, then turn and continue with next wrong side in rows like in pattern. Follow striping as in pattern, and Noro colors striped as for my Romani Trestle.
First few rows are modified to be in the round so that contrast color connects up the way my seamed Romani Trestle sleeves look.
Finished filler triangles for both sleeves and cuff for 1 sleeve. Will wait for Noro color repeat to come back around to do the second sleeve.

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