Dandelion Trestle in-progress yay!


OK I’ve measured and measured my finished sleeve and tried it on, and I’ve double checked all my calculations and…. I should have really just followed my calculations to begin with!  Argh!  I think it’s still too narrow.  I should have started the arm shaping at garter ridge 17 like the math said to, even though the triangles looked mini.  And I should have made the triangles to 21cm rather than trying to make the sleeves narrower.

I did find, after recalculating, that my swatch may have felt too wide for two reasons: 1) the math says the triangles should be 65 rows before joining in the round, and I rounded that up to 66 in my swatch, and 2) when I picked up for the lower filler triangles I didn’t pick up all the way around I left a gap at the underarm seam making the cuffs wider than they should be.  Grr.

Actually, it probably would be fine in the end because it’s just a few rows different but this is where I really hate myself: I will have to start all over again sigh.

On the upside the sleeve length was almost spot on — when I do the math for 47cm total sleeve length with blocked-to-unblocked gauge I get 130 rows (vs 132 rows).

Correct sleeve length calculations
Correct sleeve length calculations

Here’s the FINAL plan (which is also pretty much the ORIGINAL plan):

  • Knit triangles to 64 rows / 32 garter ridges / 33 sts per triangle
  • Start increases for arm shaping at 17th garter ridge / when there are 17 sts on needle, next row (with increase) will have 19 sts per triangle
  • Increases every 6th row 15 times total → + 6 sts by end of triangles = 39 sts per triangle total (should be an inc on last garter ridge)
  • Join in round and continue to 132 rows / 66 garter ridges total, separating after 58 garter ridges (first separated row is last inc row, and 7 ridges more after last / 15th increase)
Final plan for sleeves
Final plan for sleeves haha

OK so here goes, hana hou!

Sleeve 1 progress 3rd time
Sleeve 1 progress for the 3rd time. Looks like a cannoli :).


Sleeve 1 almost done 3rd time
Sleeve 1 almost done for the 3rd time. Start gusset separation on wrong side row so increases remain on the right side (can’t remember purl make ones).
Ok so at the separation for gusset, the first turn and knit does happen at the end of a RS round, staring with a WS row. This is so that the increases can stay on the right side… Otherwise I would have to remember how to do the the purl versions of m1l and m1r :).
So, continue to 58 garter ridges, knit 1 more RS round (this also happens to be the last increase round), then turn and knit WS row, co 1. Keep turning for 15 more rows. Almost done with the first sleeve… Again! That was actually pretty quick, now that I’ve done it like 3 times.

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