Civ 5 Controller Profile

Civilization 5 Controller Support with Xpadder

Play Civ 5 with a controller aka gamepad on your laptop or TV.

I made this controller profile (X360) as comprehensive as possible using the best controller mapping program there is, Xpadder, well because I’m lazy to move between keyboard and controller and the lappy keyboard / trackpad / thinkpad nub was really killing my wrists after um too many hours of just one more turn.

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Quickie Instructions

  • Select unit: Left stick moves the cursor, A to select a unit; or RB to cycle through units.
  • Move unit: With unit selected, press & hold A (2 sec) on the hex you want to move to.
  • Melee attack: With attacking unit selected, press & hold A on target.
  • Fire ranged unit: With firing unit selected, Y to see area in range, move cursor to target and bombard ’em with A.
  • Build farm / pasture / plantation: With worker selected, hold RT and press A.
  • Choose new tech from tech tree: Hold LT and press X.
  • Do you want my embassy (NO!): Back button.
  • Next turn: Start button.

Key Mappings

Civ 5 keymap
Key mappings for Civilization 5 Xbox 360 controller with Xpadder

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