State of my wordpress blog

So far this is the longest and most I’ve ever written in a blog. That’s kinda encouraging. I think I feel some greater warmth for it since it’s on my server (well hosted) rather than my Posterous that got shut down, and therefore I can CSS and take the database apart all I want unlike the sad Tumblr I started. Not that taking apart your shiny new toys is ever a good idea…

It probably helps that I have something I am actively doing in real life (knitting) that I can ramble about, and a social network (Ravelry) that I can link up posts to.

So I think it be time I should think about moving my other fluffyfrog pages into my WordPress scaffold, like my Civ 5 controller pages and my serial dilution calculator! I also need to fix some JavaScript rounding errors with that calculator… And I wonder if all the JavaScript will play nice with WordPress? And the iPhone CSS I made and the custom fonts. Hmm. Wonder if I can get the urls to stay the same. Hmm.

UPDATE: Civ controller pages moved, that wasn’t so hard! Also installed a plugin, page-links-to, to put external links in the top pages menu, rather than my hack where I put HTML anchors in the page titles, which was making an extra ugly space.

For serial dilution calculator, think I’ll have to make a custom page template and use another plugin that allows per page or per post custom JavaScript and CSS…

I should update my Civ 5 Xpadder profile

Since KC started using his new laptop to play Civ, I finally had to setup Xpadder for him because he was complaining his wrists were hurting lol.

I logged onto Xpadder forums and saw that 432 people had viewed / potentially downloaded my game profile and that made me feel so warm and fuzzy, plus a couple folks even felt moved to comment! Ok ok that’s not a huge number for the two years or so it’s been kicking, but hey, how many people 1) use Xpadder instead of some competitor or free solution, and 2) think that playing a strategy game like Civ (vs an fps for example) with a controller is a good idea anyways. So yay, snaps for me.

This got me looking at the pages I made describing my game profile, and wow do you ever look back at some project you did awhile ago and think how lacking it is and what was I thinking?

So I made a little intro paragraph.. I mean if someone landed on that page not knowing what Xpadder is, then the page would make no sense at all. And shouldn’t a landing page say a little something about why it exists at all? I also made a getting started section that spelled out how to do the most basic commands with the controller — why would a first time controller with Civ 5 user want to sift through every detailed keymapping just to figure out how to trash their neighboring civs? Duh. What was I thinking before?

Was also thinking, I should really update the game profile since two expansion packs have since been released — Gods & Kings and Brave New World. Looks like there’s at least a couple new info screens that could be brought up by controller / keyboard shortcut. Hm, so many projects to do.

So sad my new WP install doesn’t work right

What’s worse than getting a new shiny toy and it doesn’t work :(.

Uploaded pictures (WP 3.8.1) turn up in my media library, but don’t show up when I try to add them to posts. So sad. Searching the internets shows that many other people have this problem or something like it.

I dunno so sad guess I’ll have to try messing around in the database.  But I really thought it would just work.  More on this later….

Yay!  Works now!

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