Moving with a cargo van from Lowes is amazing!

Last weekend we rented a cargo van from Lowes to move some furniture and it was amazing! It rocked U-Haul out of the water.

The Van

A Mercedes Sprinter Cargo van, definitely big enough to move a small apartment. We had a queen sleeper couch, storage ottoman, and chair, plus full size bed frame, 6-drawer dresser, full mattress, and queen mattress. It all fit easily. There’s a fold out loading ramp that spans he whole width of the back of the van so getting stuff in and out was a breeze. Oh and it was a clean, comfortable ride.


Included. The diesel engine was very efficient, we drove over 60 miles and the needle hardly moved. They ask you to return the vehicle with at least a quarter tank and the gas card is inside the vehicle to pay for it. We didn’t have to use it.


$15 per hour. Gas & insurance included. Mileage was $0.30 or so per mile, this is less than half of what U-Haul charges. There were no extra fees, insurance costs, etc.


We went to the Hertz 24/7 kiosk at our local Lowes the night before. I had tried to sign up online but it didn’t work. The kiosk has you live video conference with an agent, she was competent and helpful. It did take about 15 minutes to get setup and reserved. They require the usual stuff: driver’s license, name, address, credit card. It was much much much better than going to a U-Haul or car rental place.
At the end the kiosk printed an instruction sheet and a plastic membership card that lets you scan into the vehicle at your rental time without any further interaction. Literally just walk up to the van in the parking lot, hold your card to the scanner in the windshield, and get in.
We ended up needing way more time than we thought (I hired bad movers), and the time extension process was incredibly seamless. The instruction sheet has a phone number, you call and give your name or member # and tell them how much longer you want. There was no wait time.


We will totally be renting from Lowes again, hope they keep this deal around. It was amazing, thanks Lowes!
(Now please don’t do anything / pull a Hobby Lobby that makes me have to boycott your store)