Apple App Store won’t refund my purchases anymore

I sometimes download apps that I think could be useful on my iPad or iPhone. Sometimes they’re great and sometimes not. Sometimes they don’t work at all. In the past I could go to report a problem and get a refund. The last time I tried this, after the in-app purchase settlement, the website said “purchase is ineligible for a refund.” What why?! The app doesn’t work at all and it was $5. I’m pretty peeved. It’s not like you can try apps before you buy, you just have to go off the developers word that it works. Guess I won’t be buying apps anymore. My phone makes phone calls and my iPad takes notes that’s enough.

I managed to contact Apple support by email to complain and they readily refunded my monies after reminding me that their policy is that App Store purchases are final, here are some ways to prevent accidental purchases in the future.

So I guess I still won’t be buying any apps to try.