Dandelion Trestle Love

It’s finally finished!!!!  And I LOVE it!!!

It was a rather ambitious project to make such heavy modifications but it all turned out just perfect!  The sleeves I planned were just right (if only I had followed my calculations properly the first time…) and the shoulder improvisation I did on-the-fly also turned out perfect!  I just can’t believe it all worked.

For all the gory details about the sleeves, see the first progress post; and for the much swifter shoulder process see the second progress post.

Of course, the Noro colors are beautiful and earthy — such a lovely contrast from my bolder first Trestle.  I would totally make this sweater again… maybe in cool colors?  The diagonal stitches are pretty cool I think they would make a great sweater all in one color, too.  Maybe for a men’s version, in stockinette. But how many of the same thing could I make and wear without appearing creepily obsessive?

Selfie of dandelion trestle
Selfie with bad light and messy room, but the sleeves and shoulders are so cute!

Apple App Store won’t refund my purchases anymore

I sometimes download apps that I think could be useful on my iPad or iPhone. Sometimes they’re great and sometimes not. Sometimes they don’t work at all. In the past I could go to report a problem and get a refund. The last time I tried this, after the in-app purchase settlement, the website said “purchase is ineligible for a refund.” What why?! The app doesn’t work at all and it was $5. I’m pretty peeved. It’s not like you can try apps before you buy, you just have to go off the developers word that it works. Guess I won’t be buying apps anymore. My phone makes phone calls and my iPad takes notes that’s enough.

I managed to contact Apple support by email to complain and they readily refunded my monies after reminding me that their policy is that App Store purchases are final, here are some ways to prevent accidental purchases in the future.

So I guess I still won’t be buying any apps to try.

I saw another Asian person at the New Hampshire Sheep & Wool Festival!

So KC bet me that I would be the only Asian person at the New Hampshire Sheep & Wool Festival. I almost was, one other Asian woman spotted! But, I did have to go back Sunday to the Ball & Skein booth and the proprietress did remember me – maybe for being one of two Asian people?

I bought some yarn from the cutest family with adorable Alpacas! They were called Curly Q Farms, they’re not on Ravelry, but they let me pet the alpacas! The two daughters and their dad were so sweet. They suggested I buy a skein to make a hat or gloves, but I’m too lazy to wear accessories so I bought 5 skeins/1000 yds to make an In The Sky sweater. I have some Madelinetosh Pashmina in Antique Lace leftover maybe I’ll use that for a gentle contrast color.

I finally bought some yarn from Dirty Water DyeWorks. I’ve been eyeing it at Gather Here, but there were just so many colors at the booth. I bought some blue for a man sweater and some dirty off white color way aptly called Dirty Snow to make myself something. I’m actually excited because the one base is Blue Faced Leicester which I’ve never worked with before. And it’s superwash!

I found a new love in Ball & Skein yarns. The  colors were all just so beautiful and soft and lovely. I bought two reds, one skein each. Wish I had bought more but I can’t plan too many large projects at once or none would get done!

All in all, my first time going to a wool festival and I felt largely out of my demographic but well entertained. Can’t say the later was the same for him.

My Bosnian-Siberian Slipper Pattern!!!

I wrote my slipper mods into a pattern, download on Ravelry or free below!!!!! I have been working on my slippers and I think the mods have come together so nicely. I’m so excited!!

I am offering this pattern for free and outside of Ravelry (which is also free), but I ask in lieu of “payment” to please post projects on Ravelry with descriptions of your yarn, needles, sizing, etc so that other people can also benefit.  Thanks!

UPDATE: how did I totally miss that the white bands on the cuffs are totally different!? What was I thinking!!!
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