Dandelion Trestle in-progress yay!


Starting with sleeves, modifying to make them in-the-round and recalculated!


Sleeve triangles stuck together for in-the-round sleeves.

One night each – sleeve triangle sets ready to join. Mini sleeve swatch finished blocking maybe the 21cm wrist isn’t too wide, maybe a 19cm wrist will be too narrow hmm.

Sleeve triangle sets were worked like this (triangle increases are only at the joined edge of triangles – this is the underarm seam – the other edge is worked straight):

  • CO 3
  • (row 1) Left triangle in first st, purl underarm seam st, right triangle in third st
  • (row 2) Knit
  • (row 3) (left triangle) Knit to last st of left triangle, m1r, k1; purl underarm seam st; (right triangle) k1, m1l, knit to end
  • (row 4) Knit
  • Repeat last 2 rows until 29 sts per triangle
  • (increase row, rs) Knit to 3 sts before underarm seam st, m1l, k2, m1r, k1; p1; k1, m1l, k2, m1r, knit to end (= 31sts)
  • Knit
  • Repeat rows 3 & 4 once more = 32 sts per triangle + 1 underarm seam st, 65 sts total Continue reading “Dandelion Trestle in-progress yay!”