Sleeves for my new Trestle

Been planning about sleeves for my new dandelion trestle. The sleeves on my first trestle were way too wide for my taste, a problem that seems to crop up in other people’s project comments, too. I do like dolman sleeves, but narrow at the forearms and not billowy throughout; that’s something else another kind of sleeves I don’t like or know a name for. Since I already have a dolman-like sleeved version, I think I’ll try to make his next sweater with more normal / narrow sleeves; especially since it’s getting warmer out so excessive sleeves are unnecessary for warmth.

So I was thinking about the increase pattern of the lower sleeve triangles at a ratio of 1:3. We know that 1:1 increases, that is one increase on each end of right side rows, gives us 45-45-90 triangles. So anything increasing less frequently on one side would give us something less than 90 degrees.

I drew out the two starting triangles as they are written in the pattern approximating the angles based on the ratios of the sides and assuming right triangles for simplicity. It’s immediately obvious what’s wrong with the sleeves. The approx. 70 degree angle on the lower corner of the starting sleeve triangles tilts the forearms so they get way too wide too fast. The starting angle needs to be way way smaller.

Original sleeve schematics
Original sleeve schematics

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