Posting with BlogPad Pro not so hot

I like the idea of using an app to post to my blog.  It’s convenient on my iPad because I can take pictures, filter & edit them, then post them all in iOS.  Too bad the app I chose, BlogPad Pro, is too buggy :(.  I’m still using it, but it’s weird.

When I start typing, the first letter gets repeated  so  sentences start like this: TThis is so annoying and now I’m going to pause.. hhad to think about what I wanted to say.

It’s also super laggy, I type and wait 3+ seconds for letters to appear.  This lag time gets worse as my posts get longer.

I wanted to like so badly.  Maybe I’ll try Blogsy.  Sad story.

Dandelion Trestle Progress 2

Continued from Dandelion Trestle in-progress yay post


Sewed C’s first ever baby sweater. She was determined to make the Baby Yoda despite the seaming. Then spent a month trying to sew and later abandoning the pieces. I’m terrible at sewing myself, but I managed for the most adorable baby I know.

C's Baby Yoda
C’s first baby sweater ever knitted: Baby Yoda I just sewed it together


Yesterday was a knitting break. There were eggs to be dyed, and my wrist has been hurting; feels better now.

Very many stitches. Every round takes forever and a day. On the upside we’re decreasing 8 sts every other round… The first Noro ridge was really bright orange, right now it kinda looks like halloween gone wrong. Hope it works together in the end. Because each round takes forever like I said. And the sleeves took forever to do and redo (my own deficiencies caused this), so when this is done it is done and I’m not going back.

Checking out making galleries with WordPress!




Last two evenings have had Costco trips. Managed only a handful of rounds since they’re so long.


Got back yesterday from trip. Thought I would work on my Trestle on the plane but it was difficult because the project has gotten kind of large and unwieldy.

Plus, I want to give my mom a pair of house slippers of the Bosnian-Siberian flavor for Mother’s Day, which is coming up. So I made the slippers on the plane. Mostly done with those.

My wrist has really started hurting! I think knitting tight stitches with a small gauge is the culprit. So I can only do so much at a time. Will have to get back to my Trestle after the slippers are done, but probably at a slower pace :(.


Been studying for quals ick. Today I finally went back to knitting my wrist had been getting better earlier in the week but then I helped to move a large piece of furniture to the third floor and it was hurting again :(. Been really wanting to make progress on my Trestle.

Last weekend I wrapped up the pastel Bosnian-Siberian slippers for my sister to take to my mom on Mother’s Day! But looking at the photos a couple days ago I realized a mistake from looking at the pictures :(. One slipper has 2 garter ridges of contrast color at the cuff and the other slipper has only 1 :(. Everything so sad.

State of my wordpress blog

So far this is the longest and most I’ve ever written in a blog. That’s kinda encouraging. I think I feel some greater warmth for it since it’s on my server (well hosted) rather than my Posterous that got shut down, and therefore I can CSS and take the database apart all I want unlike the sad Tumblr I started. Not that taking apart your shiny new toys is ever a good idea…

It probably helps that I have something I am actively doing in real life (knitting) that I can ramble about, and a social network (Ravelry) that I can link up posts to.

So I think it be time I should think about moving my other fluffyfrog pages into my WordPress scaffold, like my Civ 5 controller pages and my serial dilution calculator! I also need to fix some JavaScript rounding errors with that calculator… And I wonder if all the JavaScript will play nice with WordPress? And the iPhone CSS I made and the custom fonts. Hmm. Wonder if I can get the urls to stay the same. Hmm.

UPDATE: Civ controller pages moved, that wasn’t so hard! Also installed a plugin, page-links-to, to put external links in the top pages menu, rather than my hack where I put HTML anchors in the page titles, which was making an extra ugly space.

For serial dilution calculator, think I’ll have to make a custom page template and use another plugin that allows per page or per post custom JavaScript and CSS…

Dandelion Trestle in-progress yay!


Starting with sleeves, modifying to make them in-the-round and recalculated!


Sleeve triangles stuck together for in-the-round sleeves.

One night each – sleeve triangle sets ready to join. Mini sleeve swatch finished blocking maybe the 21cm wrist isn’t too wide, maybe a 19cm wrist will be too narrow hmm.

Sleeve triangle sets were worked like this (triangle increases are only at the joined edge of triangles – this is the underarm seam – the other edge is worked straight):

  • CO 3
  • (row 1) Left triangle in first st, purl underarm seam st, right triangle in third st
  • (row 2) Knit
  • (row 3) (left triangle) Knit to last st of left triangle, m1r, k1; purl underarm seam st; (right triangle) k1, m1l, knit to end
  • (row 4) Knit
  • Repeat last 2 rows until 29 sts per triangle
  • (increase row, rs) Knit to 3 sts before underarm seam st, m1l, k2, m1r, k1; p1; k1, m1l, k2, m1r, knit to end (= 31sts)
  • Knit
  • Repeat rows 3 & 4 once more = 32 sts per triangle + 1 underarm seam st, 65 sts total Continue reading “Dandelion Trestle in-progress yay!”

Sleeves for my new Trestle

Been planning about sleeves for my new dandelion trestle. The sleeves on my first trestle were way too wide for my taste, a problem that seems to crop up in other people’s project comments, too. I do like dolman sleeves, but narrow at the forearms and not billowy throughout; that’s something else another kind of sleeves I don’t like or know a name for. Since I already have a dolman-like sleeved version, I think I’ll try to make his next sweater with more normal / narrow sleeves; especially since it’s getting warmer out so excessive sleeves are unnecessary for warmth.

So I was thinking about the increase pattern of the lower sleeve triangles at a ratio of 1:3. We know that 1:1 increases, that is one increase on each end of right side rows, gives us 45-45-90 triangles. So anything increasing less frequently on one side would give us something less than 90 degrees.

I drew out the two starting triangles as they are written in the pattern approximating the angles based on the ratios of the sides and assuming right triangles for simplicity. It’s immediately obvious what’s wrong with the sleeves. The approx. 70 degree angle on the lower corner of the starting sleeve triangles tilts the forearms so they get way too wide too fast. The starting angle needs to be way way smaller.

Original sleeve schematics
Original sleeve schematics

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